Our prayer is that all children and youth throughout the world will come to know, love and serve the Lord Jesus Christ.


during sundays from 4:30-6pm, awana is committed to giving kids aged 3-11 from every background and cultural setting a place to belong, build confidence and grow in faith.

awana clubs reach kids through energetic game activities, bible-based teaching experiences and small group time with friends in a safe and secure environment.


Directed by Melissa, and led by Lynette, Ray, Charles, Jaclyn, Sherry & Norman. Your children aged 3-4 will learn that God loves all children and Jesus is God's Son.

Directed by Sheri, and led by Jarme, Iris, & Gerry your children aged 5-7 will learn about God's love through Jesus and the problem of sin.


Directed by Ben, and led by Melanie, Jessika, & Lilly. Your children aged 8-11 will begin solidifying their knowledge of God and Jesus while developing a love for Him.


Directed by Logan, Grace and Michelle, your teens
aged 11-18 will learn how to look outward and seek ways to serve others in Jesus' name.