A Church that Values Children

Like so many other parents, my wife and I desire that our children grow up knowing who Jesus Christ is. To that end, we have proactively taken steps early on their development to teach them about Jesus. In the evenings before bedtime, we sit down with our son Yadi and read to him from his children’s Bible. In the past year we have read through it with him three full times. Yadi likes to point out who Jesus is in the pictures as we read. If you ask him where Jesus is, Yadi will point to the bookshelf in the corner of our living room where he keeps his Bible. My wife and I believe that spiritual education and growth should begin in and be a constant in the home.

A church body has the privilege of assisting families as they teach their children about Christ. Churches can nurture what is already taking place within the home. One of the tremendous blessings that we have as parents is to be part of a church that places a premium on ministering to children. My son loves coming to church here at MBC. The other day my son was walking with my wife by the church and he kept asking for “Yugi!” It didn’t take my wife long to realize he was asking for Ms. Yuki, the wonderful woman who welcomes and loves on him each Sunday in the nursery. Whenever I tell Yadi that I am going up to church he tries to put his shoes on and go with me. I’m thrilled that my son has such a positive view of church.

A church that welcomes children and teaches them how much God loves them is a treasure, indeed. Mililani Baptist Church is such a place. It is a community that reflects the very heart of Christ himself. In Matthew 19, a group of people brought some children to Jesus so that he could pray over them. The disciples saw this as a nuisance and rebuked the parents for doing this. Jesus replied, “Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of heaven (v.14).” Jesus welcomed these children with open arms and was ready to stop whatever else he was doing in order to spend time ministering to and praying over them.

I am blown away by how many people take the time to serve and minister to the children in our midst here at MBC. We have a wonderful group of volunteers who serve faithfully in the nursery. These are the unsung heroes of our church, because not only do they give up Bible Study time and corporate worship, but they also have to put up with both of my kids. During our 11:00 service here at MBC, we have some dedicated individuals who minister to our preschool children as well. We also have children’s church at this time, led by Ms. Robin.

In addition, on Sunday mornings we have a great group of Sunday School teachers who have committed to teaching God’s Word to the children here at MBC. Many of these teachers have been faithful to teach for some time, and they have remained flexible in the midst of change as other teachers have come and gone. Others have stepped up just recently to fill openings where a need presented itself. Finally, we have a whole team of people, under the leadership of Ms. Iris, who minister to children through our AWANA program.

I am grateful for all those who serve and make ministry to children here at MBC a priority. Thank you for your willingness to serve. I desire for Mililani Baptist Church to be known for several things, and a great place to start is to be known as a place that loves Jesus and children. May we all continue to work and strive together to make the love of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ real to these little ones.