Bubbles and the Meaning of Life

For Christmas, a sweet member here at MBC gave my son, Yadier, a bubble machine. This was the perfect gift for him, because Yadi loves bubbles. We will turn on that machine and my son will chase after those bubbles and try to pop them for as long as we allow him to. The interesting thing to me is that he can only get to a few of the bubbles at a time before they all pop. Here is this little boy, full of joy, chasing after things that won’t last.

Like my two-year-old son chasing after bubbles, I see a lot of adults in our world today chasing after things that aren’t permanent. We recently began a look into the Bible’s wisdom literature on Sunday mornings here at MBC. Books such as Ecclesiastes and Proverbs give us a lot of practical advice, relevant to the many challenges that we face in our lives today. Recently as I was reading through and meditating upon Ecclesiastes chapter 1, I saw a direct correlation between what Solomon shares in that passage and the bubbles that we so often chase after in our lives.

V.2—“All is vanity”—So much of what we chase after is meaningless. Life is extremely brief. However, we spend so much energy and time chasing after things that don’t have much, if any, eternal significance.

V.3—“What does man gain by all the toil at which he toils under the sun?”—We work so hard to achieve a certain status or lifestyle, but none of these things bring about anything of lasting significance. They don’t bring contentment to our lives. Like bubbles, they don’t leave us with much after they pop.

V.7—“All streams run to the sea, but the sea is not full; to the place where the streams flow there they flow again”—There is repetitiveness to life. Things come and things go. No matter how many times I watch my son chase after and pop bubbles, as soon as I start the machine up again he goes through the same motions time and time again. The bubbles come and the bubbles pop, but then more come and the cycle continues. We are continually chasing after things in our lives that others have chased after before to no avail.

I’ve never seen a bubble last longer than mere seconds. Those shiny things that we chase after in life don’t last long either. What are you spending your time chasing after? Recognition? Affirmation? Money or material possessions? A long life? Another person? The reality is that apart from God, life is without meaning. Unlike a bubble, the one thing in this world that does remain is hope in Christ. God sent his son into this world to give us hope. Success, material gain, personal legacy, length of life...none of these have any lasting value or give any real meaning to life. That still only comes from God, through his son Jesus Christ!