The Most Valuable Mother of All

Mother’s Day is upon us. It seems strange to me that mothers should just get one day a year to honor who they are and all that they do. I was fortunate to have the mother I had for many different reasons. My mom stressed compassion for others, hard work, and church involvement above all else in our home growing up. Without that I wouldn’t be the semi-fine, sort of well-adjusted man I am today.

While my mother was and still is great, she isn’t the most important mother in my life...not by a long shot. No, the most important and valuable mother in my life is my wife, the mother of my children. The sacrifices that my wife makes to take care of her two little children, along with the oversized one she is married to, are worthy of more honor and recognition than I could ever begin to bestow upon her. What she does is nothing short of divine. She is a reflection of all that is beautiful and wonderful about God Himself.

This time of year gives all of us the chance to honor and thank the mothers in our lives. Here are three suggestions on ways we can recognize and support them as they sacrificially serve their families:

  1. Acknowledge Her Beauty. In between their work responsibilities, serving in church, managing the household, running the children to and from practice, helping to finish homework, mending boo-boos, changing poopy diapers, and so on and so’s a challenge for some women to “feel” attractive at the end of the day. It’s exhausting being a mom, and so looking good for their husbands isn’t always their top priority. It’s important for husbands to continually remind these important women of the beauty that we see in them that lies beneath their physical appearance. I was attracted to my wife when I met her, but she has only grown more beautiful to me over time as I have witnessed her sacrifice, hard work, and devotion to our little family. I thought my wife looked good on our wedding day, but I have found that she’s most attractive when I see her laughing and playing around with our children. Husbands, remind your wives of the beauty that you see in them every day.
  2. Show Her the Honor She is Due. Proverbs 31:28 says, “Her children rise up and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praises her.” We need to continually sing the praises of moms. Practically speaking, this can be done in many ways. Children can show their mothers the honor they are due by being obedient and receptive to both instruction and discipline. Husbands can honor their wives by supporting them in their authoritative position within the family. Husbands show honor to their spouses when they stand united with them when it comes to disciplining a child, for example. Husbands can also honor their wives by speaking kindly and reverently about them to others. Perhaps the best way husbands can honor their wives is to speak kindly and reverently about them to their children. If our kids see dad treating mom as the Queen she is, then our little princes grow up understanding how to treat a woman with loving respect, and our little princesses grow up realizing that they are worthy of a godly man who will show them that same loving respect in the future.
  3. Protect Her Quiet Time. Since moms do have busy schedules, it is often their own personal relationship with the Lord that takes a back seat to other things in their lives. Proverbs 31:30 reminds us that “a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised.” We should encourage our moms to make their time with the Lord a priority in their hectic lives. It benefits everyone if our moms are strong in the Lord. I’m preaching to myself as much as to everyone else on this point. It’s so easy for me to let my wife handle all of the day-to-day things with the kids and around the home. I often assume that she has crammed in at least a few moments with the Lord each day. The truth though is that she deserves, desires, and needs more than just a few fleeting seconds each day with her first love. I enjoy the intimacy that comes with being married to my wife, but I want her to have an even deeper, more fulfilling intimacy with her Lord & Savior above all else. As she grows in her relationship with the Lord, our family better reflects the beauty and majesty of Jesus Christ. Husbands, ask your wife if she is taking the time to spend with Jesus daily. If she is struggling to maintain that time as a priority, make sure that you are actively helping around the house and watching the kids so that she can get away and spend that time with Him daily.

Mothers are a precious gift from God. Make sure you take the opportunity more than just one day a year to let them know how much you appreciate and love them.