Casting Your Vote

Very shortly our nation will be electing a new President.  This election differs from some of the previous elections in that I have had more people express confusion as to whom they are going to cast their vote for.  For those of you that have spent time with me over the past couple of years, you probably know that I don’t care for politics or the discourse that accompanies it.  However, many of the people that I care for and respect do.  So heading into the election and the results that follow, I just wanted to offer a few reminders to encourage you and put things in perspective.

All Authorities Have Been Instituted By God (Romans 13:1)—Whoever wins the election, take comfort in the fact that he/she is in that position squarely because God determined for him/her to be so.  God has never lost an election.  Might God be giving America the leaders that they long for and deserve in order to teach them a lesson and draw them to repentance?  Absolutely!  This is a common theme in the Old Testament.  The comfort of this passage though lies in the fact that God is in sovereign control.  Whoever wins the election will exercise his/her governing authority, only because God has appointed them to do so.

Submit To and Pray For Governing Authorities (Romans 13:1-5; 1 Timothy 2:1-3)—We are to submit to and pray for whomever God establishes as authority over us.   We aren’t to complain or whine.  We aren’t to criticize and make snide comments.  We are to humbly submit to any authority placed over us.  That doesn’t mean that we cannot object to issues that go against God’s teaching in Scripture, but we still must exercise submission as we stand for biblical truth.  We are also to pray for those leaders that God has given to rule over us.  And from what little I have seen this election season, both of the candidates for President could use some prayer.

Remember That Jesus Christ is Our Hope—There are numerous passages of Scripture that remind us that Jesus is our hope.  If our hope for a better life is in elected officials, Supreme Court justices, or in any earthly form of government, then our hope has been misplaced.  Our hope shouldn’t be in politicians to make our world better.  The only thing that will bring any lasting sort of peace, enjoyment, and comfort in this world is Jesus.  My hope for a better world is in Christ Jesus, and in his Church going out and being the Church.  Regardless of who wins an election, who we are in Christ and what he has called us to do doesn’t change.

I encourage you to pray and make wise decisions as you exercise your right to vote.  However, I implore you to spend more of your time and energy advancing the Gospel message, rather than on political discourse.  Our family, friends, and neighbors don’t need an elected official to make their lives better.  They need to know our risen Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!