A Heartfelt Thanks

This past July we as a church had the opportunity to gather school supplies and distribute them to families in need at Kipapa Elementary School right here in Mililani.  Recently we received a collection of thank you notes from the students and their parents for the supplies.  I wanted to include a few in this month’s messenger so that you can see how your generosity impacted these families in our very own community.

 Thanks from Kipapa Students

 Thank you for giving me free school supplies and I will do my best in learning. #Learn

 Thank you for the school supplies!  I use them well!

 Thank you for the school supplies, and I have a lot of things.  This is the best day of my life.  I love Kipapa elementary school.  Awesome!

 Thank you for all the school supplies for this year!  It will help me learn a lot.  I am very thankful for your kindness.

 Thanks from Kipapa Parents/Guardians

 Thank you for doing such a wonderful thing to help the kids/families.  As a one income family this is truly a blessing and a huge help.  You are very much appreciated.

 Thank you for your generosity, love and care for our children.  As a mother of 4, all is very much appreciated!  Such a blessing to us all and I (we) can’t thank you all enough!

 Thank you for the free school supplies.  Please keep on supporting Kipapa Elementary School.  You help a lot of students.  Again Mahalo!

 Thank you for blessing us with your donation of school supplies.  You are great!  You are caring.  Thank you for reaching out to us.  May God bless you and keep you.  May He shine on you and be gracious to you.  May He turn His face toward you and give you peace.

I wanted to thank you as a church body for getting behind and supporting this effort to make an impact on the lives of the families at Kipapa Elementary School.  Thank you for the supplies you donated.  Thank you to those volunteers who participated in the school supply distribution.  Thank you to the individual who donated the plants to the Kipapa staff, and thank you to the 3 volunteers who have committed to tutoring at Kipapa as well.   I ask that you continue to pray for the staff and the children at this school, and for more opportunities for us as a church to show them the love of our Lord Jesus Christ!