Mililani Baptist is a Southern Baptist congregation committed to glorifying God, with a passion for Him, and a compassion for people.



The idea of Mililani Baptist Church goes as far back as the Hawaii Pacific Baptist Convention meeting in 1971 when Pastor Carl Kinoshita of First Baptist Church of Wahiawa commented, "I believe Jesus Christ is going to be preached, served and loved in Mililani Town." His congregation later committed to sponsoring what is now known as Mililani Baptist. In January 1972, thirty-three people attended our first meeting in Rec Center 1 in Mililani.

In the summer of 1972, O.W. "Dub" Efurd was called to be the first pastor of Mililani Baptist Mission. Pastor Efurd, his wife (Grace) and their two children arrived that August. By the end of the year, a one-acre lot on Anania Drive was purchased for $110,000 as the surrounding neighborhoods began growing. On Thanksgiving Day in 1974, our first worship service was held. Our current building was dedicated in January 1975 along with the inauguration of a weekday preschool ministry, now known as Mililani Baptist Preschool.

On July 6, 1975, Mililani Baptist Church was officially organized with 117 charter members.

Our church expanded its offerings as Mililani Town grew in order to reach the ever growing population. In 1976, a second track of Sunday Schools was started along with a Korean-language Bible study. A year later, a Japanese-language Bible study began. The desire for more opportunities to study God's Word required more space so $160,000 was raised to build our second-floor educational wing. Construction was completed in July 1979.



The 1980s was an opportune time for growth, expansion and multiplication. A second worship service was added in 1981. Additional staff for education, youth and music joined Pastor Efurd. Another property in Kaholo was purchased in July 1983 with sights on planting a future church. In late November of that same year, our Korean-language Bible study evolved into Mililani Baptist Korean Mission. Thirteen years later, this mission would constitute into Mililani Korean Baptist Church.

As our church neared its tenth anniversary, members raised funds to assist with church planting. That vision came to pass when Mililani Baptist joined First Baptist Churches of Wahiawa and Pearl City in purchasing land in Waipio Gentry in 1986 for Waipio Gentry Baptist Mission. Three years later, they constituted into Waipio Baptist Church. During the same year, Pastor Efurd left Mililani Baptist to become director of the Oahu Baptist Association. In October 1986, C. Eugene Phillips was called to be the second pastor.



Mililani Baptist embarked on another decade with the same enthusiasm for learning and applying God's Word to reach the Nations. In 1990, a Tagalog-language Bible study began while a year later, a third worship service was added. Additional staff was recruited to reach Mililani's growing Filipino population. And in 1993, a third Sunday School track started along with a fourth worship service in Tagalog. Mililani Town began spilling over into Mililani Mauka which led our church to look there for ministry growth.

In 1994, members raised funds to cover building costs on land partly purchased by the Hawaii Pacific Baptist Convention. Two years later, Mililani Mauka Mission began meeting in Rec Center 6 until their building was finished in 1999. The end of the 1990s also saw our Tagalog-language service constitute into Mililani Fil-Am Baptist Church in 1998; Mililani Mauka Mission constitute into Cornerstone Fellowship in 1999; and Emerson Wiles called to be our third pastor.



By September 2003, construction added about 5,000 square feet to our facility: five new classrooms in the second-floor educational wing, an industrial-sized kitchen and office space. In June 2004, however, Emerson Wiles left Mililani Baptist to accept a pastoral call at Waikoloa Baptist Church on the Big Island. Pastor Efurd returned to lead until Derrick Norris was called to be our fourth pastor. Additional staff were recruited to help strengthen different ministries and outreaches.

In April 2012, Derek Norris retired, and we then called Alan Krober to serve as our Intentional Interim Senior Pastor.  A year later, Pastor Alan accepted the call to be our fifth and current pastor.

In the ensuing years, additional staff were recruited to lead Mililani Baptist Preschool and our church's ministry commitments both on island and around the world. Mililani Baptist continues to support church planting efforts.  Mililani Baptist has also not forgotten its call to reach the Nations.  From tutoring and providing meals to Chuukese youth to caring for the homeless to taking members to Japan and the Philippines to reaching international students at UH, our church desires to use Hawaii as a launchpad to reach the Pacific Islands and the world.  In order to help us chart this future, we faithfully support the Cooperative ProgramNorth American Mission Board and International Mission Board.