Where should I GIVE?

There are several funds categories to designate your contributions towards. Below is a brief description of what your contribution goes towards. Please note that your entire offering is tax deductible as allowed by law. A small credit card transaction fee is assessed by e-giving on all contributions and will deducted from the total amount indicated. The entire amount of the offering after transaction charges have been assessed will be sent to the corresponding SBC special offering as designated below. 


If you have any questions about giving, please do not hesitate to contact the church office during normal business hours. 



MBC General Use
Operation Church Beautification
MBC Building Fund
MBC Efurd Missions Fund

MBC General Use will go towards our general funds to be used as needed at MBC.

Operation Church Beautification is our church's building renovation for designated projects. 

MBC Building Fund goes towards unexpected and emergent maintenance needs of the building.

The MBC Efurd Missions Fund is our general missions account. Specific gifts to missions (for mission trips and/or specific projects) should be listed in the next section under Missions.






Short-Term Mission Trips
Philippines Missions
Other Mission Projects

The categories listed above are for special mission projects and mission trips at MBC. To comply with IRS regulations, certain preferences can be noted, but please note the following qualifications. Gifts designated below are for MBC us in missions. If a participant preference is designated on a specific trip but either receives full funding or is unable to go on the trip, the funds will be used for other team members participating on that mission trip. Also note that if a particular trip receives full funding, any excess funds collected will be utilized for future mission trips. 


SBC Co-Op Program
Undesignated Giving

The SBC Co-Op Program is sent to our state convention for distribution to other SBC programs (approx. 80% goes to the Hawaii Pacific Baptist Convention, 10.08% to IMB,  4.56% to North American Mission Board, 4.43% to Education & Seminaries, .60% to SBC Operating Budget, and .33% to the Ethics & Religious Liberty Committee). 

If giving to a specific ministry at MBC, please designate that ministry in the Other category. 

If funds are not designated for specific use, they will be distributed in the following matter: 77.5% will be placed the in MBC General Use Funds; 10% will be forwarded to the state convention for SBC Co-Op Program distribution; 6% will be forwarded to the IMB, 4% for local mission outreach, and 2% will be placed into our general missions fund, MBC Efurd Missions Fund.